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The broadcast concept is used in reference to the transmission of video and / or audio signals. It can be said that the broadcast consists of the emission of waves in different formats, directed to a certain public. The process can be carried out through a radio or television antenna, a satellite or the Internet, to name a few possibilities.

The radio is a type of broadcast. It consists of transmitting waves through radioelectric space. The properties of these waves depend on the frequency band used. Radio and television transmissions enter this class of broadcast.

In the field of computing, we speak of broadcast with reference to broad or wide broadcasting. In this case, the information is simultaneously transmitted from one sending node to multiple receiving nodes.

On the Internet, the broadcast known as streaming is common: a transmission of digital content that develops continuously. The user, in this way, accesses the data in parallel to its download. This means that, as the developed broadcasting in streaming, the person can see and hear the information. In other words, it's not necessary to download all the content first, as happened a few decades ago when the Internet just saw the light of day.

Direct transmission satellite or DBS is known as a service capable of distributing video, data or audio signals in a wide area previously determined, through the use of systems specially designed for this purpose. Small diameter terminals should be used for receiving the DBS signal.

Since DBS satellites are very well positioned in space, they are ideal for broadcasting information directly to users through an instant connection. On the other hand, this technology can also reach considerable bandwidths.

The broadcasting by satellite has its origin in the United States during the 1980s Initially, the service was not very successful because the satellites used at that time were more suitable for fixed services. At present, DBS broadcasting is used especially where cable television networks (CATV) have not been widely deployed.

A broadcast domain, which in our language is known as a broadcast domain, is the logical area of ​​a computer network in which any node can transmit to another directly without the need for a routing device. The reason is that all devices connected to the network share the address gateway ( gateway or gateway ) and the subnet, besides being in the same LAN (local area network).

In other words, the broadcast domain is an area of ​​a computer network composed of all the computers and devices that can be reached by sending a frame to the broadcast address of the data link level (a layer that is responsible for transferring information by means of a transmission circuit).

Within a subnet, the broadcast domain works with its last IP address. For its segmentation, it's necessary to use routers (also called routers or routers ). When a switch receives a broadcast frame, it sends it out to all ports except the one through which the frame came in.

Finally, Broadcast is the name of an English electronic music band founded in 1995 in Birmingham. In 2011, its singer Trish Keenan passed away as a result of complications from pneumonia. After this fact, only one member of the original formation ( James Cargill ) continued to promote the group.

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