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Of course, a quality academic course, punctuated by tailor-made courses remains a decisive criterion in the realization of your professional project. However, our contemporary context differs from that of 30 years ago: access to training is less limited, and the winners must stand out to win the position they covet. Competitive intensity among young talent is high: the (good) diploma becomes a necessary but not sufficient condition. Today more than ever, you have to work on your employability to boost your chances. Here are three simple tips that will help you prepare for the adventure of the job market!


Volunteering, associative life,... here is a great way to stand out while giving of your person for the general interest. These activities are commendable and are primarily aimed at helping people in need. it's also, incidentally, a way to differentiate in the job market because for recruiters, volunteering is an indicator of growth. A student who has found the time and energy to help his fellow student during his studies is necessarily an altruistic and well-organized student: values ​​that resonate well in business. By multiplying volunteer experiences during your studies, you gain new skills, broaden your network of contacts and build your personality.


It's a phrase that may seem trivial, but it's a relentless reality: social networks are, for many companies, the job market. To not be there is to leave with a serious handicap. Now, the presence is not enough, it must be neat. Regularly update your LinkedIn profile with your experiences, certifications and assignments that will complement your degree and degree. Do you want a particular company? Make friends (virtual) with your employees or even with your HR manager. Let them know that you are competent and available. At one moment or another, audacity ends up paying. On social networks, adopt an Inbound Marketing approach: publish quality content on your area of ​​expertise to boost your employability.


The time of the impersonal and standardized resume that is sent in series to dozens of companies is (almost) gone. Spend a few hours compiling the companies that interest you: what are their specificities? What are their aspirations? What skills and experiences do they value? Depending on the information you have collected, you will fine tune your resume so that it becomes tailor-made!

Good Luck!

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