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A Bill of Materials " BOM " is a list of all the production or assembly needs of an item. This may refer to raw materials such as bread flour, but also to the necessary infrastructure, such as kneading machines and ovens. In addition, instructions on how exactly production and assembly should work are provided. A list of materials is used within all forms of production and assembly: assembly by stock " Assembly To Stock ", assembly by order " Assembly To Order ", manufacturing by stock " Made To Stock " and manufacturing by order " Made To Order ".

What is a list of materials for?

A list of materials is used first to schedule the purchase of materials. Through the lists of materials it's determined which materials should be purchased and in what quantity. Therefore, it's important that the necessary materials are detailed in the list of materials. Utensils such as cutters and glue guns are sometimes not included in the list of materials, but without buying these tools it's difficult, for example, to mount a photo frame.

Frequently, basic materials, such as screws, remain fixed in the inventory. However, it may be useful to put them on the bill of materials. The document helps determine the total cost of production or assembly of the item.

Finally, the list of materials also ensures that production or assembly goes well.and at all levels. By adding clear instructions for each step, one can reduce the amount of errors. If an employee discovers an anomaly in a product to be used, you can also check the steps and instructions above to find out where things could go wrong. For example, if a mechanic at a car factory detects a failure in the engine to be mounted, he can see with the engine manufacturer what instructions haven't been performed correctly. However, if the engine manufacturer is an external supplier, you can only indicate where the fault is. The supplier should investigate within his own list of materials where the manufacturing process could have gone wrong regarding the instructions.

Different types of materials list for different activities

A list of materials is used in almost all fields related to production. Because prolonged use, there are two activities for which their own versions of BOM are created: BOM Engineering " EBOM, Engineering Bill Of Materials " and BOM manufacturing " MBOM, Manufacturing Bill Of Materials ". As the names indicate, these lists of materials are designed specifically for the design and production phases of the items.

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