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Business Intelligence and Business Analytics can no longer be missing in an organization. Business analytics is about looking ahead and predicting, but to what extent is this different from business intelligence? this page answers this question.

Predict and look ahead

Renowned parties in the field of big data describe the evolution from business intelligence (BI) to business analytics (BA) as turning the perspective: from looking at things afterwards and analyzing them to looking ahead and predicting. Large multinationals can't avoid using Business Analytics. Organizational decisions based solely on intuition are no longer of this time. The financial risk with wrong choices is too great for that. By using Business Analytics and the tools designed for this, large organizations can quickly generate insight into data that determines their strategy. In this way, data-driven organizations can make informed decisions for the future.


Tools for Business Analytics and Business Intelligence are becoming more user-friendly. Results are increasingly presented visually, making the information easier for users to process and remember. In addition, the tools are becoming more accessible, so that not only managers can work with them, but every employee who has to make decisions in whatever area of ​​the organization. Everyone can analyze and process data with accessible tools, making the entire organization more intelligent.

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

Where Business Intelligence and Business Analytics used to be two separate fields, nowadays they increasingly go hand in hand. At BI, data was analyzed to gain insight into past results. A combination of Business Analytics and Business Intelligence makes it possible to make connections between data and to make predictions for the future. There is no doubt that Business Analytics will be used within organizations on a wider scale. However, traditional Business Intelligence will continue to exist - for the time being. In addition to the self-service tools that enable the entire organization to perform rapid analyzes and forecasts, traditional BI will remain popular when it comes to big data and analyzes in data warehouses .

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