Data Visualization and Data Analysis


Data visualization and data analysis are often mistakenly confused. On this page we will discuss the differences between these two cases and illustrate their applications.

Data visualization

With the help of data visualization tools, users can easily and quickly visualize their data. For simple visualizations, a data visualization tool is sufficient. Through visualized data, people have the opportunity to make a first interpretation and first questions about the data come to light. The simplicity and ease of use of data visualization tools is reflected in the data model used. Data visualization tools often make use of wizards, where the user is taken by the hand and guided through all kinds of options. So no specific programming knowledge is needed to achieve a good result.

Data analysis

Data analysis goes one step further than data visualization alone. With data analysis, visualized trends and developments can be further analyzed, so that business questions can be answered.

With data analysis, data can be explored deeper and follow-up questions can be asked, which can be answered through interaction with the data. To achieve an optimal image of data, a combination of data visualization and data analysis is desirable. Where visualization tools make use of wizards, the possibilities of data analysis tools are too large to be of service to the user. Tools for data analysis often require specific knowledge, since scripting is used. The user-friendliness is therefore slightly more limited than that of visualization tools, but with the right knowledge the end user can perform more complex and more versatile analyzes.

Combine data visualization

To provide users of data analysis tools with optimal ease of use, the combination of wizards and scripting is a frequently used solution. In this way, data can be easily explored and data can be analyzed in a way that's easiest for the user. This way the tool has the most value for every type of user, whatever his / her analysis desire is. Simple visualisations are made in no time, but professionals can build complex solutions for complex analysis possibilities in the same tools.

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