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What is BI software? What is the definition of BI software and what do IT specialists regard as business intelligence (BI) software? Read through this page the answers from IT specialists to these questions.

Human added Business Intelligence

The theoretical definition of BI software is the systematic collection, analysis, presentation and distribution of critical information, also known as 'need-to-know-information'. In practice, BI is a collective name for everything that has to do with information. From simple Excel overviews to the most complex variant of a data warehouse. In our experience, BI software only becomes really interesting when human interpretations are mixed with company data, that's what we call HBI. Human added Business Intelligence.

The right information at the right time

BI software is aimed at providing employees and systems in organizations with the right information at the right time. Good BI software is capable of extracting relevant information from many different disparate systems, enriching and combining if necessary and delivering the combined information and insights with maximum effect to the right audience in various ways. The BI system acts as the master data system for critical business information.

BI software provides a knowledge advantage

BI software focuses on getting the most out of the internal and external data and knowledge sources of an organization. Making information from data, and presenting it in such a way that users, and therefore the organization but increasingly also its partners and customers, can benefit from this (knowledge).

Intelligence means knowing, not knowledge

Some people are misled by the word 'Intelligence'. Even if we know its real meaning - it means information, knowing - it's unconsciously still associated with intelligence, a concept that ICT likes to present itself to. Business Intelligence is about the knowledge that a company needs in order to form a coherent picture of the total business operations that are targeted for success. BI software is deployed at multiple organizational levels and includes a range of tools for data manipulation, data analysis, reporting and dashboards up to and including integrated management cockpits.

Support in gaining insight

BI software is software that supports its users in gaining insight into the ins and outs of their organization and also supports them in taking operational, tactical and strategic decisions. The user can be both an internal and external user (stakeholder, chain partner, customer, etc.).

Success depends on the organization

BI software is used to make factual data available that, in the most favorable case, leads to coherent information. Back-end tooling has the primary purpose of making data available from sources and storing it in the data warehouse based on a thorough architecture. The front-end tools then take care of the presentation, analysis and distribution of information. The success of BI will not depend on tools, but on the organization that must make decisions with the information.

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