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About The Professional Feature 'Work Independently'

You perform your work well, without support or supervision from others.

You are able to perform your own work properly without the help of others. You don't need supervision and you can work well alone. You are able to take on new tasks yourself and you can solve problems yourself. You work efficiently, you spend your time useful and you look for meaningful work when you've time. You are always busy. You handle current affairs while handling another task.

An independent employee doesn't go to his supervisor with every problem, but tries to solve things himself. He takes work out of the hands of his boss, instead of the other way around. He is also solution-oriented : he doesn't focus on problems, but on solutions.

The pinnacle of independence: you work at a professional level, you set the objectives yourself, you optimize the result and you help others if it's appreciated.

Related properties

You dare to bring in ideas for change or improvement, and to deviate from the applicable guidelines and procedures if necessary.

Do you work independently?

Investigate to what extent the following applies to you:

- I usually know what to do.
- I don't often ask for help.
- I've done my business.

They can leave that to me.

- I don't wait for what others do and I make decisions or take action myself.
- I set my own goals and standards.
- I just tackle difficult situations.

Working independently motivates

Being able to work independently is an important motivation factor. Managers are therefore advised to promote the independence of their employees.


A self-employed person is someone who carries out his profession as an independent entrepreneur (as opposed to being an employee). The official designation is Self-Employed Without Personnel (self-employed). A self-employed person is independent in an economic sense. Moreover, a freelancer doesn't have a hierarchical boss and colleagues (but clients). If you want to start for yourself, you must be able to work independently.

How do you show that you are self-employed when applying?

You apply for the position of English-Dutch translator at a European government institution. The ideal candidate for this position can work independently, as the advertisement states.

During your higher professional education as a translator, a great claim was made to your independence. That went well for you. Independence and personal responsibility were the motivation for you to start your own translation agency after your studies. This shows that you've the capacity to work independently.

You state this briefly in your.application letter and possibly explain it in your interview based on an example according to the STAR method.

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