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About The Professional Feature 'Enterprising'

Being enterprising means that you are prepared to take action. You don't sit still when something has to happen, but you get started right away.

What does entrepreneurship mean in concrete terms?

In vacancy texts, the requested properties often list 'entrepreneurial'. That means that people are looking for someone who knows what they are doing and who dares to tackle it. You are expected to take responsibility for what must happen. Someone who is enterprising doesn't wait for assignments to come from above, but takes the initiative to raise things or set things in motion.

Some companies need internal entrepreneurship. This means that they are looking for people who can convert opportunities for the company into targeted actions that can be used to earn money. Employees who require internal entrepreneurship do everything in their power to help the company further, to be decisive and to make it successful through innovation. These employees are given the freedom to develop new things and implement plans.

In a sense, being entrepreneurial is a trait. We are not talking about 'entrepreneurial types' for nothing.

Which competencies are involved?

Enterprising types generally have the following competencies:

- They are full of initiative. They proceed to act as soon as they see that something has to be done. They don't wait until the other person gives the order.
- They have the necessary courage: Enterprising types are adventurous in nature and can handle risks well.
- Enterprising types are decisive: They make quick decisions about what needs to happen and then take immediate action.
- Enterprising people are responsible: They see what could be improved or what others need and act accordingly.
- They are often innovative: Enterprising types see opportunities and don't like to keep things the same.
- Enterprising people are often independent: They draw their own plan and act accordingly.
- Enterprising types are often result-oriented: They work purposefully and act accordingly.

How do you develop an entrepreneurial attitude?

Enterprising types are naturally adventurous and initiative-rich. They have an inner motivation that drives them to undertake and tackle things. They don't see problems as insurmountable, but do something about it. The art is to develop that inner motivation if you don't have it naturally. You develop inner motivation mainly by finding out what you are good at and what you find fun and important. You need some self-knowledge for that. Do self-examination from time to time to acquire it.

Do you also want to become more entrepreneurial in your work? Then take action. Don't sit down and wait, but get started right away.

- Look around and see where there are opportunities to pick up something. That can be a simple matter if a colleague gets out of the fire who is overflowing from work, but also a proposal to your boss to improve something in the way things are going.
- Think of solutions for things that go wrong and present them to the right people. Don't complain and wait.
- Ask yourself what warms you up and makes you excited. Focus more on that in your work. Taking action is much easier for something that you are motivated for.
- Think of things that will help the organization to move forward. You will find that you will soon become indispensable for your boss. That in itself is motivating.

How do you show that you are entrepreneurial when applying?

In your.application letter, describe as concrete as possible examples of work situations in which you've been entrepreneurial. Use the STAR method for this. If you are a starter, it can help to give examples of things you do as a hobby. If you've mountain climbing as a hobby, then that is much more entrepreneurial than that you state that you like watching films.

Suppose you apply for the position of nurse. The job vacancy text explicitly asks for an enterprising person, because a new department is being set up that still needs to be given full shape. How do you show that you are the entrepreneurial type they are looking for? Describe a concrete example of a situation in which you've acted entrepreneuriaLly. For example, write: "I always do my best to monitor the well-being of patients and, where possible, to do something about it. For example, in my current job I provided a reading corner with easy chairs, because patients appeared to are in need of a place where they could read fairly undisturbed and quietly. Of course it did not belong to my first tasks, but I just saw that there was a need for it. I did not wait to the new construction plans, but I discussed my idea with the right people and then, very practically, arranged chairs and a bookshelf with books. The reading corner was finally used by the department in a festive manner. "

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