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About The Professional Feature 'Energetic'

Being energetic means: having good stamina, being vital, and being able to perform for a long time when your job demands this.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

If you are an energetic personality, you are full of zest for life. This allows you to make a happy and efficient commitment to your work and your environment. You tap your energy reserves in a targeted way: you estimate well how much power a certain task requires of you. You then use your energy in such a way that you complete this task without wasting unnecessary reserves. In this way you plan all your work.

You are also a sustainer. You have a strong drive to act and you constantly take action, even if the circumstances are not satisfactory. If problems arise, you remain optimistic and like to look for solutions. You think along with your colleagues and try to take work off your hands if possible. Even if you yourself are heavily burdened with work for a long time, you will not be discouraged. If your boss throws an extra portion of work on your plate in such a period, you will get to work with it without a huge reluctance or complaint. Even in quiet periods you don't take gas back, because you are in balance and have a constant flow of energy and energy.

Your attitude can therefore mainly be described as active instead of passive. You enjoy your job and often have creative outbursts, so the flow in your work is good. Colleagues experience you as full of life, sympathetic and constructive. Moreover, everything shows that your work doesn't completely exhaust you. For example, you regularly go to the gym next to your full-time job, organize cultural trips, do volunteer work, be a member of a committee or a club. These activities in no way affect your performance capabilities at work. On the contrary, they only increase your vitality and zest for work.

Which competencies are involved?

- Perseverance: According to the Van Dale, energetic literally means 'full of a strong and persistent goal to achieve a goal'.
- Result-oriented: You use your energetic abilities to achieve something, a goal, high performance, et cetera.
- Stress resistance: You don't get exhausted or out of balance quickly. You don't panic with a new pile of work and you keep an overview of a large number of changing tasks.
- Organizational capacity: You have your life in order. You know which tasks you've to do and when and which effort will be required of you. That is why you can distribute your energy and concentration well over your activities and you stay balanced.
- Rich in initiative: If you are listless and tired, you will see solutions and / or possibilities less quickly. Energetic types therefore develop new ideas and initiatives earlier than others.

How do you show that you are energetic when applying?

You have set your sights on the account manager vacancy. "Energetic" is one of the characteristics of the ideal candidate. You try to imagine what they mean by that. As an account manager you are a busy owner. You not only work at irregular times, you also have a large number of activities per day.

That is made for you. In your current job as a salesperson you also work at irregular times. Moreover, you will love it when you are busy. You are friendly to customers, even though there are five around you and their patience is slowly running out. In addition to your busy job and family life, in your free time you are also a board member of the local football club, you play in the tennis competition and you also follow a cooking course for men.

You explain this briefly in your.application letter. If you are invited for a job interview, pay particular attention to your attitude and intonation. If you sit down in your chair and tell extensively about your work and the many activities that you undertake in your spare time in a monotonous tone, then you don't come across as energetic.

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