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About The Professional Feature 'Decisive'

Being decisive means that you dare to make decisions. You do that by taking action or by giving an opinion on a certain issue.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

- You express your own opinion in, for example, a discussion or meeting.
- You can motivate your decisions. You know why you choose a certain point of view. You can explain this clearly to others.
- You don't make decisions too quickly, but first collect enough information before you make a decision.
- On the other hand, you ensure that when a quick decision is necessary, it's also taken on time. You don't postpone it unnecessarily, although you may not have enough information.
- You make the right number of decisions. In the event of a problem you cut the knots that contribute to the solution thereof. No more and no less.
- You dare to tell people things are not going well. You are also critical of yourself on this point.
- If a different approach approach is required for a certain problem or situation, you can switch effortlessly.
- Finally, it's the case for managers to ensure that their decisions are followed by staff.

Which competencies do you need for this?

- Make decisions. You have a problem and you don't know what to do. Before you make a decision, four steps are very important: 1. Defining a problem, 2. Collecting information, 3. Forming a judgment, and 4. Drawing a conclusion.
- Dare: For example, you dare to make a decision that you know has unpleasant consequences for a close colleague. You are not afraid of confrontation.
- Perseverance: If you are certain of a certain judgment or decision, you will stick to it. Even if it evokes a lot of resistance in your area.
- Independent: Because you've an independent mind, you are able to make better and faster decisions than dependent types.
- Result-oriented: You want to achieve your goals and do that as well as possible. It is then essential that you regularly make decisions.

In which professions does decisiveness come in handy?

This competency is essential for professions where you bear ultimate responsibility: you've to make decisions. Manager and policy officer are therefore good examples of decisive professions.

How do you demonstrate decisiveness in an application?

You apply as a project manager at a large IT company. They ask someone who is very decisive. You can well imagine that decisiveness is being asked. After all, knots must be made in a project. There is also a moment in most projects when it's decided whether the project is viable or not.

How can you convince your future employer that you are that decisive woman ? You have previously worked as a project manager at a smaller company. For more difficult decisions that you had time for, you first gathered the necessary information and called two of your project staff: one who was known for his sunny view of the world, the other for his critical view. Then you made a list of pros and cons, and slept on it overnight. Sometimes you didn't have that luxury. The pressure is high in the time just before the delivery of a project. Then you could quickly make a decision on experience and intuition.

You put that briefly in your application letter and work out a few more examples for the job interview.

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