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There is probably no word that is used more in job vacancy texts than the word ambitious. 'Ambitious magazine maker wanted', 'Salesman with ambition asked', 'Which ambitious daring will our team strengthen?' Maybe your heart will beat faster and you think 'I'm their man' (or 'woman'). Or do you almost lose heart when reading these types of vacancies? You may be wondering if you are that ambitious. What exactly are they looking for, those companies that are so eagerly looking for ambitious workhorses?

What does ambition mean?

People with ambition:

- set themselves a clear goal. And not just a goal, no, a goal for which they must make an effort to achieve it. An ambitious person sets the bar high for himself and is able to work long and hard with enthusiasm. He has a great intrinsic motivation.
- don't like to sit still. They want to go further: higher up, learn more, develop, earn more. They aim to achieve those things.
- to bother a real professional to be in their field. They invest in craftsmanship.
- expect recognition for what they do and can do. They make an effort to actually obtain that recognition. Missing ambitions eventually die out.
- are innovative. They don't like to keep things the same as before. They look for new ways to achieve the set goals: gaps in the market, new target groups, and product innovation. This sometimes entails risks, but an ambitious person argues: 'not shooting is always wrong'.

Why are organizations so eager to employ ambitious people?

They are looking for people who are not so ambitious in their own goals, but in the goals of the organization. So they want to employ people who are committed to making the company a bit more innovative, profitable and successful.

Which competencies are involved?

To be ambitious you need the following competencies:

- Targeting: An ambitious person sets ambitious goals for himself, that is to say: goals that are achievable but that require hard work. The best goals are SMART goals : they are specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound. An ambitious person makes every effort to achieve his goals on all these points (and he usually succeeds).
- Result orientation: That the ambitious person succeeds in achieving the goals is because he is usually also result-oriented. He keeps the goal in mind and is heading for it. He is not distracted by obstacles and problems, and if there are any, he knows how to solve them adequately.
- Innovativeness: An ambitious person sees opportunities and knows how to seize them. He doesn't lean back until an opportunity arises, but actively seeks out that.
- Dare: Those who are ambitious need a portion of guts. You can only achieve ambitious goals if you occasionally dare to take risks.

How do you show that you are ambitious when applying for a job?

It is not so easy to express your ambition in an application letter. "I'm ambitious and want to go for it" is an empty sentence. It is better to describe on which points you are ambitious. Do this as substantively as possible and based on facts (use the STAR method ). For example, write: "I like to learn new things and am always busy developing myself. In the past year, for example, I have followed courses in the field of project management and I'm now working on the Change Management course. "

Make it clear that you want to use your ambitions for the company where you are applying. If your letter shows that you only have ambitions to rise higher and earn more money, then that will create suspicion. Write rather: "I imagine there are opportunities for the Paint Factory in the field of environmentally friendly paints because there is now more demand in the market. I would like to bring my knowledge about natural dyes into your factory. Perhaps it's possible set up a renewal project team in this area. "

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