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Before listing the most essential characteristics of a good professional we'll give a highlight about the term "Professional Development" and how it effects your career success.

The Importance of Professional Development

Professional development helps to get more success, pleasure and self-confidence in your work. 5 important questions that help you develop the best professional version of yourself! read on...

"I want to be myself, I don't want to pretend that I'm a different person in my work. But I want to get more out of my position, develop professionally and be able to make more difference in my work for myself, for my team and for the organization."

A new client told me that last week during our first coaching interview.

She realized that she had to change something about her attitude and behavior to strengthen her influence. She wanted to do the right things to increase the success of her work and to develop professionally in order to appear more powerful and aware. What she didn't want was to constantly feel that she wasn't herself then.

She's not the only one. I regularly hear this from both men and women and in groups during team coaching meetings and training sessions.

Everyone wants to be appreciated for who he is and for his or her added value. But sometimes what we do and what we radiate is not effective enough. By developing your skills professionally, based on your qualities and talents, you can increase your influence and come across more forcefully in a pleasant way.

Not changing yourself, but developing your attitude and behavior professionally It's not about changing your personality, but about making your attitude and behavior more effective , so that you increase success and enjoyment in your work in a calm and relaxed way. Without the annoying feeling that you're not yourself.

If you want, you want to develop the best professional version of yourself.

How do you do that?

Professional development to the best professional version of yourself from your own strength

Answer the following 5 important questions that help you strengthen the best professional version of yourself.

# Question 1. Do you do what you're good at?

Everyone has their own set of unique qualities . Which of these you use may differ per function or situation. It is nice to use our qualities, specialy if we are aware of it and our qualities ensure that we have more success in our work. We experience that we are good at our work, we are appreciated for it. It gives us confidence.

Therefore, ask yourself what your qualities are, what you're good at.

- Do you use those qualities in your work? - Do you've a function in which you can use those qualities?
- Do you consciously use those qualities so that they support you in your work, make you stronger?

Professional development means that you consciously use your qualities in situations in your work and sometimes in a different way than what you're used to.

# Question 2. Do you enjoy your work?

We can still be good at something, but what's just as important is that we enjoy our work.

If you enjoy your work and experience satisfaction, it gives you energy and strength and you radiate that. It makes you move more easily and relaxed in your work and you'll experience more success and confidence, also in relation to the people you work with.

Do you know what gives you pleasure and satisfaction in your work? What's important for you to look out every day for what the workday has to offer?

Are you still enjoying your work?

If so, what makes you start your working day with pleasure every day? If not, what can you do to make your work more pleasant for you? What do you need to enjoy your work again? Name this for yourself and try to get the pleasure back.

# Question 3. Do you've all the skills you need to be able to perform your job effectively?

If you use the required skills consciously and powerfully, you'll find that you become more effective in your work. Your self-confidence will grow thanks to the relaxed way in which you move self-consciously in your work and in relation to others.

- To what extent do you know what skills you need in your work?
- Have you ever made a list of these?
- Did you then critically consider whether you also mastered them all to the right degree?
- Moreover, do you consciously use the skills and in the right way to achieve your goals in your work?
- If not, what skills do you want to develop further?
- And how do you want to do that?
- Do you want to develop personally and professionally and appear more powerful in your work?

Develop those skills that you don't yet possess.

# Question 4. Are you taking the right actions at the right time to achieve your goals?

Aware of what's needed at what time to achieve your business goals in your work, provides overview, self-confidence and peace of mind. You know which action you'll take at what time and how you'll do this.

For example, if you make a plan for your work that needs to be approved by various people in various consultations, what are you going to do at what time?

Just present the plan in the meetings? Do you visit various participants of the meeting beforehand to gauge their opinion? How are you going to present and at what point in the consultation?

In other words, what are you going to do at what time and how to ensure that the chance of success is greatest to reach your goals?

# Question 5. Do you've enough guts, willpower and self-confidence?

To develop the best professional version of yourself, sometimes guts, self-confidence and willpower are needed.

You want to work on a more powerful attitude and more conscious behavior. Sometimes that feels scary, because the new behavior doesn't feel unique or you can't manage it at once.

However, it is necessary to step out of your comfort zone and slowly but surely (and sometimes with trial and error) develop your behavior and attitude in such a way that it helps you become more successful in your work. That is why a certain amount of guts, self-confidence and willpower are sometimes required.

Consider consciously what can help you with personal and professional development and become the best professional version of yourself.

It will give you more peace, relaxation, strength, overview, self-confidence and success in your work.

Good luck!

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