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A life coach is a coach who specializes in life coaching. In short, life coaching comes down to helping people form in their personal, business and social life. A life coach helps people to move forward if they need it. For everyone, the reason for engaging a life coach may be different and this choice is further personal. For example, it's conceivable that someone is stuck within his or her career and could use extra support from a life coach.

In general, a life coach can help people reach their goals faster and easier. Good coaching gives people a better insight into the way they live, so that they can continue. People who engage a life coach are often looking for a balance between their personality and lifestyle. A life coach can help people in different ways, private or business. A life coach is therefore specialized in helping people by applying specialized coaching methods, which are strongly focused on the quality and design of life. In general, strengthening the balance will be an important part of coaching.

Life coaching is personal, because everyone can come up against specific questions and / or problems in different ways. Within life coaching, the key questions are who am I, what do I want and what can I do an important part. A life coach focuses on the professional and personal development of people. Within life coaching, attention will therefore not only be paid to private circumstances, because the career of people is also an important part of life. A life coach can also help in the search for answers to important questions in life. For example, think of people who have specific questions, such as is this all in life, what's the meaning of life and have I made the right choices in life.

A life coach is therefore a coach that focuses on life coaching. A life coach can be an important addition for people who want to move forward. The life coach can help you with this by dealing with important life questions such as: how do I get further, how should I see my contribution and, what exactly should I do for it. Achieving well-being and happiness play an important role in this. Engaging a life coach won't be easy for everyone. Still, a life coach can help enormously in private or businessby growing.

For everyone the reason to visit a life coach will be different. Consider, for example, reasons such as not being able to make decisions, depression, lack of energy or people who are temporarily out of place. As a life coach you're responsible for advising and guiding clients, so that they can go further in life. This is an important difference with the work of a counselor. A counselor doesn't manage and doesn't provide advice to clients. As a life coach you're responsible for advising and directing clients, because you're dealing with clients who are no longer able to solve it.


The big difference between a life coach and other coaches is that a life coach will look at the whole life to help people further. This is an important difference with, for example, a job coach, because a job coach will actually handle more work-related issues. A life coach will focus more on the total awareness of people, which therefore also relates to people's private lives. Quality and design of life are therefore central to life coaching.


- With loneliness or an empty feeling
- When returning to the labor market
- Creating positive new ideas
- Improving management skills
- Strengthening the balance " private and / or business "
- Help with a study to stay focused
- Help with losing weight
- Help with starting your own business


There are no nationally recognized training opportunities for the life coach profession. There are, however, many external training courses to become a Life coach. There are many different types of coaching areas that all have their own specific goals and characteristics. During a training you learn, among other things, the seven rules for effective coaching, namely: setting clear learning objectives, getting the right click, regularity, safe learning climate, structured sessions, asking questions and evaluating the result as a coach. So there are many training courses in the field of coaching that can be at the beginner level or go into the field very deeply. In addition, there are also plenty of external training institutionsfind where you can follow a course. The bookkeeping is important as an entrepreneur.


In general, a life coach will have to be classified as an entrepreneur. Most coaches work within their own practice and deal with different clients. This doesn't alter the fact that other practitioners can also specialize in coaching. Think for example of spiritual caregivers, social workers, media trainers and therapists.


As a life coach it's important that you have self-knowledge and that you can empathize with other people. In addition, giving and taking feedback is super important to be able to work in a result-oriented way. But the right way of communicating also plays a major role within the profession. Listening, asking questions and understanding problems is also important to be able to work on solutions. Generally important words are motivating, sensitivity, inspiring, energy, analytical, analyzing, planning, organizing, patience, conversation techniques, visualizing and stress resistance. If you work as an entrepreneur, you can also network be regarded as an important competence.


The labor market perspective of a life coach doesn't really apply, because most life coaches are employed as entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur must determine his own labor market perspective by securing sufficient assignments. In addition, life coaching can in some cases be a supplement to other activities. The career development opportunities of a life coach must be seen in building a good name, which will increase the number of assignments. In practice, most life coaches aren't really concerned with potential career opportunities.


As a life coach you usually work as an independent entrepreneur and therefore determine your employment conditions yourself. The salary is highly dependent on your assignments as a coach, which will certainly not always be easy. Most coaches work for an agreed fee and not per hour.

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