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Batch Registration

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Different companies receive the goods in batches. This can be a " large " delivery of items that belong to the same group. A lot can consist of several products, but they have to have important common characteristics. For example, pears and apples from the same fruit bowl can come within the same batch, although they must be stored in a somewhat different way. With the registration of a lot, its history and descriptions can be saved directly in the ERP when it enters the warehouse.

Therefore, batch registration " or batch registration " is closely related to warehouse management. A company keeps an updated view of the inventory. Batch records are specially important for ERP systems for the food or pharmaceutical sector. These companies must indicate very precisely the expiration date of the different lots. Also, it's expected, even more than in other companies, that they can track the series and lots, both inside and outside the company.

Batch registration isn't limited to incoming lots. For business customers, outbound batches are also often made up. Registration is also important here, but with a different approach. For the lots to leave it's important that the commercial company provide the necessary information. This information is provided to the customer in the form of code. For example, a pharmacist needs to know exactly what storage rules apply to a batch of medications. For example, also for the invoicing of items sold by weight, such as fish, it's important to register the lot well. In this way, the financial department knows what it has to charge the client.

How does batch registration work?

Therefore, batch registration is linked to the management of product information " Product Information Management, PIM ". The idea is that all partners of the supply chain make use of the same data. In this way, items are stored, processed and used optimally. The communication of this data generally occurs through a barcode. An employee scans the arrival of a lot to the warehouse. This barcode contains information necessary for proper storage, processing and tracking.

Often, batch registration is included in the Manufacturing Execution System " MES ", or within the ERP's MES module. This type of system is responsible for creating communication between the commerce department and the production department of a company " or between trade and production partners ". For this reason, batch registration is essential. When the lots are monitored, all departments or partners can be aware of the status of the lot by pressing a single button. In this way, a representative can clearly inform the customer about the progress or exact location of an order placed.

An MES system plans the production and distribution of products based on incoming orders and taking into account specific customer requirements. The system determines the specific materials to be used, performs the production planning and monitors the lots from production to registration.

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