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Proper product management can help a company develop its activity efficiently. For this, many companies rely on the bar code system. Thanks to the barcode scanning, the system informs the person in charge of controlling the stock how much inventory it has or if it has reached the minimum. Those companies whose work method is to manufacture by stock or assembly by stock or with the FIFO storage system " First-in, First-out " specially benefit from this methodology. ". Companies that work in the previous ways, require a very thorough control so that it doesn't stop production or that the product life cycle ends before leaving the warehouse. A disorganization or ignorance of what a company has in the warehouse can generate great losses of time and money for that company. How does the barcode help manage these products?

Main problems of companies that work without a barcode

In some cases, the store is small and, therefore, the diversity and quantity of the items is very small. Then, it's possible that the inventory can be taken manually and / or with an Excel. A company considers that it's time to start with the barcode when certain conditions exist. For example, when the company notices that it begins to lose a little control of the inventory or intuits that the manual system of pointing references is slowing down the activity of the company. Other times, the need to have a barcode is mandatory due to the activity of the sector, such as the tracking of products in the case of the food sector. The main difficulties faced by a company without a barcode are the following:

Human management

One of the biggest disadvantages of not having barcodes happens when the employees of a company have to write the references of the articles. This task takes a lot of time from employees that could be taken advantage of for other tasks. Apart from the time it takes to write the references, it's very common for mistakes to write references. However, once you have the barcode, operators can scan the code with a PDA " Personal Digital Assistant, or electronic calendar " or a reader. This electronic reading of the codes avoids common errors of transcription by hand of the data. In this way, it improves in speed andaccuracy of the data, and therefore of the reports.

The consequence of these improvements entails the decrease in labor cost. With less time being spent on the task of aiming, fewer overtime is done and less staff is needed for the same task.

Inventory management

Another of the great failures of companies and that makes them waste a lot of time is bad inventory management. Without proper inventory management, a company can also buy more inventory than it owes or ignore that it doesn't have the minimum stock established. When the barcode is used, the data goes directly to the ERP software, showing the inventory in real time. This is very useful, specially for those companies that sell through different channels " omnichannel ", since it's known if an article is available or not at all times.

Warehouse management

The warehouse must be well controlled for the proper functioning of the company. If a company has enough inventory but can't locate it, it's a serious problem. The barcode can include information with the location of the stock in the warehouse. Each location in the warehouse also has its own barcode. If this information is also available in the ERP, the storage space can be optimized by putting those who usually go out together or helping to plan the fastest route when collecting items.

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