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Award For Encouraging Employees

A major role in ensuring the required level of Team's work, in addition to good organization of working conditions, adequate wages and timely payment, plays various forms of encouragement. Among the popular ones are the award, the certificate of honor, certain benefits, as well as documentation of such rewards.

Such measures by the employer stimulate discipline and successful work. If the situation of conscientious and negligent workers is the same, business will not flourish. Promotion is a kind of "eternal movement" of the company. An employee whose work has been noticed and evaluated will experience great satisfaction from the workforce and will continue to work qualitatively. And other employees, inspired by the success of their colleagues, can set the right goals.

In the legislation, employee promotion is determined by the form of public official recognition of his benefits, the provision of public honor. Most often in a solemn atmosphere at a general meeting of the team, according to the order signed by the head, a certificate of honor is given to the employee.

All incentives for work are of a kind divided by morality and material. The material always has a monetary expression. These include rewarding with a valuable gift and giving out a bonus, a salary contribution, compensation for expenses for an annual holiday, extra paid vacation. Such encouragement brings the employee satisfaction and financial income. But often, even with a strong desire to encourage employees, the manager can't do this because of financial constraints.

Less expensive is moral encouragement. This includes the message of gratitude, a letter of honor, entry to the board and the book of honor. Such encouragement doesn't provide additional income, but it does bring moral satisfaction to the employee. Recently, many employers have begun to disregard moral encouragement: in previous years, almost all were rewarded, and this form has survived itself. In such a situation, an employer who wants to support employees morally can develop their own kinds of rewards. So it can be a reserve for promotion with reference to special seminars, exhibitions and conferences that create more comfortable working conditions. But a certificate of honor or certificate confirming the status of "Best Employee" will not be superfluous.

Perhaps the employer would like to encourage the work of employees not only at the end of the quarter, but also on the occasion of special events throughout the life of the team and each employee - for example, in connection with a successful transaction, corporate anniversary or secular holidays such as New Year 1 May the employee's anniversary. The letter of honor to today's hero will give much joy and show that he is part of a team that not only appreciates his conscientious work, but also knows him as a person.

Rational system of rewards for workers -An important factor for company success. It is logical that the employer can give the right to the heads of structural units (stores or departments) to apply low-cost incentives to employees - such as paying small one-time bonuses, early withdrawal of the penalty imposed. Also included is a statement and a certificate of honor.

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