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Attitude vs Knowledge

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Usually, either in your student stage or beginning your work activity, at some point you have stopped to devise various ways to stand out in the professional field, planning a strategy that helps fulfill each of the dreams and objectives that both you have wished.

Perhaps you are the best in the class, you have got some jobs that make you stand out as a freelance, you have excellent qualifications and you dedicate a lot of time and effort to study or read, preparing yourself little by little to acquire the necessary tools that will make you upload The ladder to success.

If you are a persistent, active person, hungry for knowledge, desire for improvement and always looking for new opportunities, part of your journey is resolved, as long as you have well-defined questions such as: Where do I want to be? Why do I want to be there? And where'am I going to stop to be where I will be?

Once with the clear picture, you will surely think about working on a shocking book, with your own USP and a pitch of astonishment to sell you in each of your interviews ... yes! It's a very good idea, however it will not be enough to achieve the professional life you have dreamed.

Currently, most companies have joined marketing 3.0, not only in the strategies aimed at their consumers, but also applied when recruiting their employees.

By becoming more "human" companies, they not only care about the supply and demand of the business, in the same way, they are interested in the fact that the members of their work team grow along with it because that generates greater profitability. Given this situation, recruiters from each area have given themselves the task of paying special attention to the type of professionals who come to apply for the position.

They are looking for people who, not only are academic excellence or too much experience, but, at the same time, have a good heart, both moral and ethical values ​​and, above all, want to do things.

On the other hand, there are three fundamental aspects that recruiters qualify as bases of effectiveness to be a professional in the area of ​​work, applicable to any career in which you develop: knowledge (know how to do things), skills (to be able to do things) and attitudes (wanting to do things).

The three aspects make up an essential triforce to develop in any field, however, one of them has a special magic that you must take into account if you want to "make it big": The attitude.

This is the key to achieving everything you set out in life since; the knowledge can be acquired from the source you want, the skills can be trained if you don't have them but, the attitude cannot be changed unless, the affected person decides to do so, if you are not willing to do things , the other aspects will go to waste.

This is how, even if you are a genius in some discipline, it will be of no use if you don't have a positive attitude to perform each of the activities that correspond to you.

Watch out! I'am not saying that knowledge and skills are not important, of course they are! It's even necessary to train frequently to be prepared for the constant changes of the world and the consumer.

What I want to highlight with this is that, the next time you go to an interview or, if you are already working consider that the attitude can open or close the doors, so make sure that your body and mind are infected with harmony; Exercise, meditation, travel and your hobbies help you see life in a happier way. Generate good thoughts that are reflected in your activities, enjoy what you have to do and do it with pleasure, almost mostly, that is decisive to be accepted or keep looking for options to leave shocking books.

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