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Anyone who intends to start investing in shares will sooner or later come across the term asset management. What exactly does this concept mean? Asset management is what it actually says literally: having your assets managed by an external party that manages the assets of countless other people and therefore has a lot of capital. The manager is specialized and experienced in wise investing, focused on minimizing financial risks and achieving the highest possible return.

Building up a time-saving way of investing

The outsourcing of your assets and shares to the specialists of a financial expert isn't free. That's why there are investors who don't opt ​​for asset management, but who do research on the financial markets themselves. However, this isn't advisable for people who are just entering this market or have little experience with investing. The time you save by outsourcing this financial-analytical work to a professional is generally large.

Investing safely through a third-party expert

As an investor you run a considerably lower risk if you opt for an asset manager and a defensive or less offensive investment strategy. Since investing - specially in the longer term - involves large amounts, it's of the utmost importance that your money is handled with care. An asset manager knows the risks and opportunities of investing and helps in achieving the best possible return.

Do a good preliminary investigation into asset managers

Are you planning to engage an asset manager to invest your assets in a smart and effective way? Then don't go with the first best asset manager in the sea, but do a good preliminary investigation. In the case of various asset managers, the contractual agreements contain vendors, which you'll - until you regret - only find out when the contract has already been signed. Therefore, compare the asset managers carefully and be sure to also read the fine print in the contracts and conditions. In addition to the contractual conditions and lowercase letters, the services of the intended asset manager must be critically examined. Research has shown that in half of the cases the service isn't in order. This mainly concerns the incorrect measurement of three things: return,

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