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With the assembly by stock or assembly against stock " ATS, Assembly To Stock " a certain amount of composite products are manufactured, which make up the available stock. Companies register a minimum number of final products in inventory management, so that they can be picked up immediately when an order enters. This approach contrasts with that of assembly by order " Assemble To Order, ATO ", where products are only assembled when the order enters. The boundary between assembly and production isn't always clear. Hence, there is also much talk about manufacturing by stock " Make To Stock, MTS " and its opposite,manufacturing by order " Make To Order; MTO ".

Permanent items in stock

In stock assembly, items are assembled in advance, usually based on a list of materials or parts. For example, a bicycle will be equipped with its saddle, handlebars, wheels, brakes, chain and bell. From the moment a bike is mounted, it can't be disassembled. The bicycle is registered in the inventory as a single item. In most cases, there are a couple of models and sizes, but the customer can't customize the bike anymore. However, most customers are satisfied with the standard model, and it's specially important that the bike is delivered quickly. Therefore, merchants who sell these types of items often choose to keep their inventory fixed with the ATS model.

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