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Companies that work according to the assembly method by order " Assemble To Order, ATO " assemble a product when the customer places the order. As a result, the products can be customized to a limited extent during assembly. The assembly of a conveyor belt " the type of belt material, drive shaft, structure and shape of a metal, a belt cover, etc. " may vary depending on the order, depending on the customer's wishes and the location of the installation.

Assembly by order quickly moves towards production

The distinction between ATO and manufacturing order " Make To Order, MTO " isn't always clearly defined. For example, car companies can say they do ATO, but they can also ask to what extent the assembly is called the color change or the ordering options of a car. Many will say that this can be termed as a true production task. The opposite concepts of ATO and MTO are assembly by stock " Assemble To Stock, ATS " and manufacturing by stock " Make To Stock, MTS ", respectively.

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