Application Letter Tips


You write a good job application letter tailored to the vacancy. How do you get started? We give nine essential tips.

Job Application Letter Tips

Tip #1: Personalize your address
Does the vacancy indicate a contact person? Then address this directly. Not: "Dear" but "Dear Director John" or "Dear Mr. Smith".

Tip #2: Make sure your job application letter isn't a repeat of your resume
Make sure that your letter isn't a repetition of your CV with longer sentences or more information. Your letter is a supplement to your CV.

Where your CV provides an overview of your experience and knowledge, you explain in your letter what your motivation is and why the employer should choose you.

Your letter gives your resume, as it were, a face and shows a piece of your personality.

Tip #3: Make clear why the vacancy and the company appeal to you
In your letter, explain why the vacancy and the company appeal to you.

Think about what you think is positive about the job and the company. The more specific and personal your explanation, the more convincing.

Not: "I saw your advertisement and it seemed interesting to me" or "I'm very motivated to work for you."

How should it be? Seven good examples:

"I have been a regular customer at ABC and I'm very familiar with your clothing. When I read that you are looking for a new employee, I was very enthusiastic! It seems great to represent such a strong brand."

'You: a young and dynamic company. Me: an enthusiastic recently graduated communication scientist. Together the perfect match! With my creative ideas I want to help you gain more name recognition among the general public."

'I graduated as a social worker. I chose this direction because I always wanted to work for others. I want to help people and show them that they can count on me. When I saw your vacancy, I could immediately find myself in the profile that you're looking for."

'I have never seen a vacancy that appealed to me more! She seems to have been specially made for me. I have a Masters in Business Psychology and I'm very fascinated by human resources. In addition, I love to write and I'm fascinated by new technologies. As a web editor I can combine these three passions."

'I'm happy every day when I wake up in my romantic four-poster bed from Ikea. It's my dream to come and work with you, so that I can make other people happy too."

'When I recently walked around XYZ and saw your stand, it started to itch. I wanted to be in the shoes of the sellers who gave advice. It seems fascinating to advise people about environmentally friendly building techniques. It would be satisfying if I could offer them a customized solution."

'I drive a Volvo and I'm amazed at how comfortable and user-friendly it's. I would love to come and work at Volvo and help build your cars."

Tip #4: Explain why you're a suitable candidate for the job
Explain why you're suitable for the job with your skills and experience.

Focus on the requirements that are requested in the vacancy.

For instance:

"In my job as a salesman at ABX I learned the tricks of the trade. I can work well with the cash register, have set up various shop windows and know perfectly how to deal with customers. Furthermore, I'm stress resistant, commercially oriented and flexible. I'm always prepared to undergo additional training should this be necessary."

Tip #5: Close briefly and powerfully
Closing your application letter is very important. He must give the employer the final push to invite you for an interview.

Make it clear in a convincing and powerful way that you would like to come over for an interview.

"Hoping for a favorable outcome, I stay, dear Madam, dear Sir."
"I hope to be able to explain my candidacy in a personal interview."
"I would like to explain my motivation in a personal conversation."
'Do you want to know more about me? I would like to come by for an introduction. '
"I'm convinced that I can offer added value and would be happy to come and discuss my candidacy with you."

Tip #6: Write clearly and use an active writing style
Avoid the words 'men' and 'become'.
"I was expected to welcome the customers in a friendly way."
"I was called in to guide customers."
"It was my job to welcome customers in a friendly way."
"I guided clients."
Use only active and short sentences. Not: "With this writing I want to put myself forward ..." but I do "I want to put myself forward ..."

Don't fall into jargon and avoid abbreviations.

Tip #7: Make your letter clear
Make sure there is sufficient white space between the paragraphs. Use a clear and business-like font such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Candara ... Divide your letter nicely over the entire magazine. Click on 'Print preview' to see if your page arrangement is correct.

Tip #8: Keep it short
No matter how enthusiastic you're and how much you have to say: your cover letter may not be longer than an A4.

The shorter your cover letter, the greater the chance that the employer will read it completely.

Tip #9: Ask for a second opinion
Have someone else read your application letter. This way you avoid ambiguities and spelling mistakes. After a while you no longer read what it says, but what you think it says.

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