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Xaas, Anything as a Service or everything as a service, is the collective name for offering the use of an ICT service or product. Companies that acquire an Xaas solution don't own the solution, but instead receive a kind of use subscription. Access is almost always done through the internet, except in exceptional cases where a physical product is installed for customer use. This last case may be, for example, that of a company that wants to scan its files on paper with the help of a scanner that it rents from a supplier.

XaaS 'offer is contrary to the traditional view of selling products or services. In the last decade, there has been a change in the passage of ownership of ICT solutions to the mere use of them. Hence XaaS is increasingly popular. The " x " in the abbreviation Xaas means " anything. " In this way, the term is used for all those new products or services offered in the form of use.

Types of Everything as a Service

The best known Xaas are SaaS " Software as a Service ", PaaS " Platform as a Service " and IaaS " Infrastructure as a Service ". However, more and more types arise. Some examples of these new XaaS are:

- Hardware as a Service " HaaS, hardware as a service "
- Storage as a service " SaaS "
- Database as a Service " DBaaS, database as a service "
- Disaster Recovery as a Service " DRaaS, disaster recovery as a service "
- Communications as a Service " CaaS, communications as a service "
- Work network as a Service " NaaS, network as a service "

XaaS and the cloud

When accessed through the internet, the term cloud immediately arises. XaaS and the cloud are closely related. Not all cloud solutions come in the form of XaaS, but most XaaS solutions do use the cloud to provide the product or customer service. Companies that have an XaaS subscription make use of the software, platforms, etc. found on the provider's servers. Through the cloud, they make use of their subscription from their own workplace.

Advantages and disadvantages of an XaaS

The most important reason why companies choose an XaaS solution is low initial investment. There are no purchase expenses, and, generally, there are no implementation costs. In addition, the company shouldn't acquire any extra space for storage or any other hardware. Companies pay a subscription cost, usually monthly. This cost can be one fixed per user or according to consumption. For those large companies that want to use the solution for a long time it may be more interesting to buy the solution. The high initial investment of these companies usually recovers over time, since it may be a lower price in the long term than that of a recurring subscription.

A second reason to choose the XaaS model is because it's not necessary to have your own ICT service. The technical support and security experience of the suppliers of XaaS solutions ensure that ICT employees can focus on their basic functions. For those small companies that don't have an ICT service, sometimes they don't even need an internal ICT professional.

Despite the advantages, XaaS solutions have a great disadvantage: lack of control. A company with this solution doesn't know exactly what the supplier is doing and how it goes with the development of a product or service. Nor is it always known how long the continuity of your subscription is guaranteed. The supplier may decide to stop offering a certain product or service at any time. To prevent surprises, a company may establish certain warranty clauses during contract negotiations with the supplier.

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