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As recruiters begin to migrate to the digital domain, online recruitment has quickly become the favorite means of talent scouting. As a result, many companies are now paying more attention to their online recruitment strategies, with social media being a particularly effective way to find new employees. Professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn have indeed created a targeted, easily accessible pool of candidates, allowing recruiters to screen potential employees based on the information on their profiles.

To give you a few examples, we have compiled a brief overview of the main advantages and disadvantages of using online recruitment, including the most important issues that you should take into account in e-hiring.

So if you are considering looking for your next employee online, this is what you need to consider.

The benefits of online recruitment

As you will see below, the benefits of online recruitment are numerous. Some of the biggest plus points are as follows.

1. It is cost effective

When you post a job posting on Facebook, you can pay for as much or as little exposure as you want, and also target this for a very specific audience. If you manage your campaign effectively, you can indeed save a lot of valuable money, while attracting candidates that perfectly match your vacancy.

2. It is immediate

Most vacancies - and answers - appear in real time. This can help you increase your efforts to attract more candidates, a different set of candidates (for example, early rather than mid-career professionals) or even stop applying if you already have the right person for the job found it.

3. You can reach a larger audience

The internet is a worldwide phenomenon, with more and more users gaining access every day, while internet usage is extremely high in most developed countries. That is why you are exposed to a huge potential pool of applicants.

If you are particularly looking for younger recruits, then e-recruitment is probably the most effective and efficient strategy possible; in the US, for example, 98% of the age group is 18-29 active internet users.

4. It's easy

Almost anyone can post a job online because most established job sites make the process clear, easy to understand and user friendly.

Conversely, the process is also very simple for the applicant, allowing interested parties to submit an application quickly and effortlessly, as opposed to CVs and written job postings.

5. You can make your vacancy more dynamic

By posting a vacancy online or via social media, you get the chance to be more creative with your advertisement; For example, you can create and attach a short video that shows the benefits of working for your company.

Your use of technology can indeed say a lot about your corporate culture, attracting specific types of candidates in the process. Companies that use technology in such a way prove that they are not afraid to innovate and that they are open to new and interesting ways of doing things.

6. It is flexible

The internet gives you a lot of flexibility with regard to managing your messages and the applications that you receive. However, if you publish in a newspaper and want to change the vacancy, you probably have to pay for an entirely new advertisement. With online messages you can edit, update or delete your vacancy on most platforms whenever you want.

7. It is sustainable

Newspapers and other forms of printed media have a very limited lifespan, depending on their publication cycle. Most classified publications have a biweekly publication cycle, which means that your ad will only be seen for a relatively short time. However, online vacancies remain active until the author or host website removes them.

8. It is accessible

Wherever you are in the world - if you have an internet-enabled device and connection, you can perform all of the management tasks described above. You can adjust your vacancy, see how many answers you have and even communicate directly with candidates.

9. It speeds up the recruitment process

All these benefits lead directly to the greatest of them all: a shorter recruitment process. You can shortlist (or even contact directly) the best applicants when their applications come in, with the availability of integrated ATS software that does most of the seventh work for you.

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