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The concept of administration refers to the operation, structure and performance of organizations. The notion can also be used to appoint a public authority, such as the government of a territory, or those responsible for a private entity, such as the directors of a company.

The administration can be understood as the discipline that's responsible for managing resources (whether material or human) based on scientific criteria and aimed at satisfying a specific objective.

On the other hand, the public administration of a State is the set of agencies that are responsible for applying the directives essential for compliance with laws and regulations. Public buildings and officials also make up the public administration, which appears as the link between political power and citizenship.

There are times when the term administration is used to refer to the social science known as business administration. This science studies the organization of companies and how they manage the resources, processes and results of their activities.

The accounting (which provides information useful for making economic decisions) and marketing (which studies consumer behavior in the market), for example, are considered administrative sciences.

For example: "If we want this company to grow, we will have to improve the administration of resources", "I think you still have a lot to learn about the administration of a house", "Claims must be made in the administration office".

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