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The Definition of Work

The theoretical definition of the concept of work can be analyzed from different perspectives. A basic approach presents this word as the evaluation of the effort made by a human being. However, from the neoclassical perspective of economics, to cite another case by way of example, work consists of one of the three elements that determine all production, as happens with land and money.

In this way, and approaching what all citizens usually understand by work, we can determine that this concept can be used in two very frequent ways. Thus, on the one hand, we refer to it as the action carried out by a person who is in charge of carrying out a series of tasks or activities, either on a physical or intellectual level.

And on the other hand, we use this same term to refer to any occupation that a man or a woman has outside of their home for which they receive a monthly economic allowance. Thus, for example, we could use the following example: "Mark has a work as a waitress in a downtown hotel."

In this page we'll focus on the common definition of work 'occupation' and will give you real professional examples below.

Professional Examples for Work

For better explination of the relationship between professionals and work, we list here the work activities, work styles, and work values for most common professions, please select the 'work' element associated to your interested profession for viewing the details:

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