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Volunteering is the action of providing a service for a cause that supports society, without receiving a salary for it.

The service provided by a volunteer is carried out spontaneously, that is to say without any obligation to provide it and without a salary.

Who promotes and gets involved with volunteering

There are multiple non- profit institutions that are committed to some issue. And those in charge of organizing, donating and supporting can be companies, NGOs, governments and initiatives made up of citizens.

Types of volunteering

The needs for voluntary collaboration are very diverse, which can even be classified by the link it has with the cause. Within the volunteering, the following stand out:

- Community: That supports projects of a group to improve the quality of life of the people who make it up.
- Environmental: Aimed at contributing to the improvement and conservation of the environment. It can include protection of the habitat, both flora and fauna.
- Cultural: Focused on rescuing values ‚Äč‚Äčthat express emotions, traditions, customs that cultivate the spirit. That have been passed down for generations throughout history, such as literature, music, theater, architecture.
- Sports: Seeks to integrate people into a community that wants to be linked to some recreational activity. In many cases to keep young people away from the consumption of prohibited substances.
- Educational: Focused on programs that allow literacy to a population that has not had access to education. Thus developing skills that allow them to be inserted into society in a productive way in the future.
- Fair Trade: Whose purpose is to ensure the existence of prices in accordance with the work and means of production used in the production of goods and services.
- Socio-health: In order to disseminate information, accessibility to health of people in a vulnerable situation. This is when a meteorological event has deprived people of their homes and they don't have access to health services. I
- nternational: Immigration and resettlement support so they can have a place in society.

Advantages of volunteering

Among the advantages of volunteering are:

- Better quality of life for the beneficiaries of the service.
- Strengthens ties between communities.
- Conserve the environment, protect species.
- Promote commitment to society.
- Disadvantages of volunteering

However, volunteering also has disadvantages:

- Costs are incurred that aren't reflected in a profit-making activity.
- It can affect the health of the volunteer, when adequate sanitary measures aren't taken and they have to be living with people who suffer from contagious diseases.
- By not charging for a service, you can lower the salary of someone who provides the same service and isn't a volunteer.

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