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A tool is an instrument that allows certain jobs to be carried out. These objects were designed to facilitate the performance of a mechanical task that requires the use of a certain force. The screwdriver, pliers and hammer are tools.

Already in Prehistory, it must be emphasized that our ancestors found it necessary to build their own tools to be able to perform tasks such as making fire, hunting, collecting... All of them have evolved to adapt to the times and other chords have also emerged to the needs of each moment.

Tools are also the specific utensils used by artisans or other workers for the development of their specialized tasks: "My aunt makes handicrafts and has a lot of tools to create her works", "The teacher asked me for a tool to work with wood".

Currently there are very specific tools for different areas. Thus, for example, in the case of the carpenter, the saw, the sandpaper or the saw should be highlighted. While in the case of the gardener, he will use scissors, lawnmower, shovel, pick...

Many believe that humans are the only ones capable of creating and using tools. However, there are other animals that also appeal to tools. Some primates use stones to open coconuts or sticks to remove insects from hollows in trees.

However, it should not be overlooked either that in the most colloquial sphere the term tool is used with a great variety of meanings. Thus, it's often used as a synonym for a stab, the horns of some animals or even teeth.

More uses of the word at hand are those it has within the economic, business and financial sphere. In this case, it's used with the clear purpose of mentioning the instruments, tangible or intangible, that are possessed to carry out a project and to achieve specific results.

This means, for example, that when it comes to entrepreneurs, it's established that they have a series of tools to start their businesses, changes and initiatives. Among them would be the business plan, the self-assessment, the business model, their ideas, the analysis of the market in which they are integrated or their entrepreneurial attitudes.

Beyond the physical object, the concept of tool is also used to name any procedure that improves the ability to perform certain tasks. In this way, it's possible to speak of computer tools: "Microsoft Office is a tool for developing office tasks".

It should be noted that, according to this broader use of the term, the definition that highlights that the tool is a means for the controlled application of energy is left aside. With a computer tool, the human being doesn't perform any kind of force.

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