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The tip is a sum of money that is given voluntarily to a person and in order to give him attention for a service he provided, and with which the one who delivers it has been very satisfied. Rarely do you tip someone if you aren't satisfied with the benefit that was given.

It should be noted that the tip is money that isn't included in the value of the service provided and is always delivered separately.

So, we can say that the tip consists of a reward that is given to a worker because he is totally satisfied with the way in which he treated us, that is, he did it with attention, with care and that is why it's decided to give him tip.

In many areas, items, is practically installed delivery tip, including the gastronomic and the category of aesthetics, to name the most common time to receive it.

The waiters who serve the diners of a restaurant or a bar well usually receive tips from their clients that demonstrate that they have given excellent service. Even in this area, it has been established that when the customer is satisfied, they must tip 10% of the total value consumed, however, this isn't always met and the amount they decide to leave as a tip depends on the customer.

The method is to deliver it before leaving the premises and once the account has been paid. Money is usually placed on the table, under a plate or a glass.

The worker in this sector is always waiting for the tip since it's an extra money that is added to the salaries they receive.

In some restaurants or food houses it's also customary for waiters to share the tip. They usually have a box, or similar element, in which the tip of the clients is received and then, at the end of the day, they distribute it.

As we said, in the area of ​​aesthetics it's also very common to leave a tip if you are satisfied with the result obtained, for example, after a haircut, the realization of reflections or color, among others, in a hairdresser.

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