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A thesis is a conclusion, proposition, opinion or theory that is supported by reasoning. A thesis is also a work of a scientific nature, usually to obtain a doctor's degree from a university.

A degree thesis is a research project carried out at the end of a university degree. Expands or deepens an area of ​​human knowledge by providing a novelty or a critical review applying what has been learned in the career, using scientific methods.

Steps for a thesis

To carry out a thesis, a series of steps are usually followed. These can be more depending on the nature of the thesis but they are summarized in:

- Search and choose a topic,
- The formulation of a project or preliminary project,
- The execution of the project,
- The elaboration or development of the thesis, and
- Defense of the thesis.

Thesis project

A thesis project is a document prior to the preparation of a thesis. In this type of project, the fundamental characteristics of a thesis such as the approach or the research methods are usually established.

It's used as a reference, planning and orientation to carry out the thesis.

The thesis project is presented to the thesis advisor or advisor and the frame of reference is usually included, including the title, topic, objectives, justification and theoretical framework, methodology, chapters, and bibliography.

Acknowledgments in a thesis

Usually, in a thesis there is a section called 'acknowledgments' in which the support of the people who have contributed or collaborated in some way in the preparation of a thesis is recognized.

It usually includes the director of the thesis and other professors or people in general that the author of the thesis wants to highlight or thank. Sometimes this section appears as a paragraph at the end of the introduction.

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