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Teleworking is a form of work that is increasing, specially due to the rise of new technologies that have allowed new professions to emerge, and these can be carried out from home, or in places other than the office.

The idea of ​​working from home or in other places away from a conventional office, is something that attracts the attention of almost everyone. The possibility of doing it before was remote, but over the years, the creation of new professions that don't require face-to-face assistance in offices, and the benefit of achieving a better work-life balance, have triggered the attention and the search of works that allow this possibility.

The first to establish this option were the Anglo-Saxons since it's a fairly frequent alternative in the world of work. While it's true that before it was more complicated because the vast majority of professions required a regular presence in the office, the internet boom, and new technologies have been decisive for teleworking to be something very taken into account.

Many professions have emerged these years as a result of these events: community manager, SEO, social media manager, online writers, virtual assistants, online editorials, online statisticians... These and other professions can be carried out perfectly without the need for face-to-face assistance. And others that already existed, such as computer scientists, or administrative also have the necessary tools thanks to the internet, to carry out their work from a place other than the office.

It goes without saying that the rise of online stores, tools that allow you to monitor what your employee is working on, or be in contact with him at all times like Skype, allow the working day to develop normally and efficiently without the need for attend the office.

Now, what benefits does this practice entail? Are there also disadvantages? In today's article, you will learn about the best and worst of telecommuting.

Advantages of teleworking

These are the most prominent:

- You can organize your schedules as you prefer: One of the most valued things is being able to organize yourself to improve your productivity and make the most of your schedules.
- You can better reconcile your work and personal life: This option allows you to be in your own home, be closer to your family, and also choose the schedules that allow you to combine both options in a balanced way. For example: if one day you need to go with your child to an event, you can organize your work schedules to have that day off, and work another day to make up that one.
- You reduce expenses: Keep in mind that you don't need to go to the office, therefore you will not have to pay the transport pass, or the gasoline for the car that you have to take into account to go to the workplace.
- You save time: Without a doubt, one of the values ​​most taken into account. There's nothing like avoiding traffic jams, subway lines, or bus stops until you get to work.
- Less costs if you are a company: If your employees work from home, or other places, that will allow you to reduce your costs since you will not have to pay for any office to go to it, in addition to computers, internet connection, electricity, water, and other services that you they will help reduce your business costs.
- More productivity: Defining your schedule, your place of work, creating a habit and feeling comfortable without the stress that your boss can generate, or the work environment can lead to better work productivity.

Disadvantages of teleworking

The most prominent are these:

- The worker may feel isolated by not being in daily contact with the members of the company.
- There is no work environment because if you work from home, this aspect is removed from the equation (for better and for worse).
- The worker may feel disconnected from the company on an emotional level.
- The culture and organization of the company change, and it's necessary to transmit the new values, and that all employees are clear about the roles they will have in this new way of working. This may take time to adapt.
- Difficulty in learning since if new tasks appear, or actions to be carried out, explaining it outside the office, and the worker himself getting involved in their knowledge may be slower initially.

As you see, telecommuting has innumerable positive aspects, but it also has disadvantages that you have to take into account. Undoubtedly, it's a way of working longed for by many, and that is constantly growing thanks in part to the time and technological situation that exists.

If it's true that working from home requires self-discipline, and a lot of organization that will be essential keys to be able to feel comfortable with this way of working, and also to be able to reconcile it in a positive way with the personal aspect.

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