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Teamwork is fundamental in many company projects in which the essence of the team shows that the sum of different talents at the individual level leads to success because true knowledge is humbly shared thanks to the feedback that arises from assertive dialogue and of mutual admiration. A team is made up of people who work in the same direction, respecting a specific action plan and following the guidelines of a good leader who becomes the best example to follow and a point of reference for the members of that team. Teamwork brings great strengths since it's fortunate to have a co-worker who can help you in a difficult moment- Successes are shared as are failures in the team context.

There are job offers in which one of the fundamental requirements to be eligible for a position is that the candidate has social skills to work in a team and share knowledge in an effective way.

To work in a team, it's very important to be an observer to get to know others. In addition, it should also be remembered that there is no single way of doing things but as many as there are interpretations of reality (each member of the team has their own point of view) and it's convenient to reach agreements opting for an assertive dialogue.

Teamwork is learning in itself that involves the adaptation process of all team members who need its process to get to know each other better and to integrate. Teamwork, unlike individual and solitary projects, provides an added extrinsic motivation because being part of a common project adds well-being, enthusiasm and winning from meeting a specific challenge.

Obviously, in teamwork not everything is rosy because team members also have to overcome themselves to reduce their ego, face differences of opinion and assume that there are workers who are more effective and responsible than others. Dream gear, like rose-colored love, only exists in movies. To conclude, it should be remembered that within a team all the members are equally important as in a football team.

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