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A task is called a certain work or activity that is carried out. The tasks can be distinguished between those that are done in a compulsory way and between those that are done as a form of entertainment or for mere pleasure; however, the term is used more frequently in the case of those obligations that people have. In the school environment, the term refers to the activity that a student carries out at home and that is related to what they have learned in class. The tasks require a type of organization so that priorities are established that allow the most relevant to receive privileged treatment.

In the daily life of each person the need to perform some activities is a constant. This circumstance is mainly due to the fact that self- maintenance is necessary. Given this circumstance, it's important to give the tasks that are being performed the highest possible level of efficiency. In this sense, education plays a very important role since it guarantees to look for procedures that mean greater productivity, that is, a capacity that the cost- benefit relationis the most optimal; This can be measured in time, money, sacrifice, etc. This education can be formal or informal, the important thing is that it provides a background of knowledge that facilitates the work.

As has been suggested, we all have tasks that exclusively require our time and dedication. This makes good time management necessary in order for these to be carried out in the best possible way. A basic criterion to use is the establishment of priorities that make critical tasks receive our attention first, leaving less important tasks in the background. This action is of great relevance when establishing an action plan.

The tasks that are compulsory can be tackled in a more efficient way if this circumstance is done with support. Indeed, teamwork offers the possibility of increasing work capacity. This circumstance is due to the fact that cooperation results in increased productivity, with a task being broken down into smaller tasks that are carried out by different people, each one specialized in a topic. Indeed, it's easier to perform a small task satisfactorilyto do it of many or of a large one. This type of circumstance is what explains the subdivision of labor in the economy.

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