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Support is a term refers to making something rest on something else; to found or base; to confirm or support any opinion or doctrine; or to favor and sponsor something.

Support, therefore, can be a physical (material) thing or a symbolic matter. In the first case, it can be defined as support for that which supports a structure or an object. For example: "The steel legs provide a firm and solid support for the table", "Don't move that box! I use it as support from the library ", " If you find it difficult to get up, use your elbows for support ".

Professional singers use the term support to refer to the ability to control the output of air, so that excessive pressure isn't exerted on the larynx, which could cause irreparable damage as well as a weak and low-pitched sound. There are various techniques and tips to get this support, but on a physical level it's about mastering the diaphragm to prevent that, after each inspiration, it returns to its original position and causes the expulsion of air to be immediate.

Thanks to the support, singers can control the intensity of the sound and generate all kinds of ornaments and colors with the voice, without damaging their vocal cords without need to use a lot of air; in fact, the greater the technique, the less air is required to execute the same melody. According to specialists, the way of breathing that vocalists use is the same as that of all terrestrial mammals we practice at birth; Unfortunately, human beings quickly stop using the lower part of the lungs to focus on the upper part, and that makes us less suitable for very demanding physical activities, such as singing at a professional level.

Support forIn a symbolic sense, support can be the foundation or proof of a comment, a theory or a doctrine: "The journalists don't believe in my complaint: I'm going to show them these photographs in support of my statements", "If you want the State to grant you a grant for your research, you have to present some evidence to support your hypothesis ", " Dr. Fullman's words were the support I needed to know that my postulate was correct.

When making a public statement that may have strong repercussions, it's very important to support a reliable theoretical basis, in one or more sources that assure us the veracity of our words, or that at least indicate that they are closer to being true. that false. The absence of this foundation doesn't always occur by mistake or chance, but when you want to manipulate the information there are almost no limits to trying to convince an interlocutor of a lie, no matter how big.

Support, on the other hand, can be a favor, help or protection that is given to someone or something: "My daughter will need school support to get through the year and not repeat", "We have to give support to people who have lost all his belongings due to the floods ", " I want to express my support for the candidate who has suffered these cowardly anonymous threats ", " Thank you, without your support none of this would have been possible ".

The friendship is characterized, in part, as a space where you can get the support we really need, that we often deny us in other kinds of relationships. However, it's important not to expect friends to support us in any decision, but to trust their criteria to know how to tell us that we are wrong, to firmly oppose certain attitudes of ours whenever they consider it necessary for our well-being.

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