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Streaming is the concept that refers to the visualization of videos or music in real time through a series of platforms designed to do so.

The first time the word streaming was heard was in the 1920s through the Muzak company, which developed a music platform for businesses, without computers as we know them yet.

The Internet has had a lot to do with the development of streaming since thanks to its improvement in ADSL or fiber optic infrastructure, such actions have allowed the development of real transmissions that have been consolidated as own shares originated as a result of the boom in new technologies.

The history of streaming

Internet radio stations were the ones that started the streaming craze. At that time (1990s), you could listen to quality audio since not many people did it in those early days and the internet infrastructure was not yet so advanced.

Later, a step forward was taken with video being the medium that began to be used through streaming. It was in 1997, when the band Severe Tire Damage rose as the first to broadcast their concert live worldwide through this format.

What is it for

Streaming is linked to technological advances and the growth of internet use. The inclusion of YouTube was essential to the proliferation of the video format, and thus positively affected the implementation of streaming.

It's mainly used to bring all types of content to a large number of users, who can access it with just a computer or mobile phone. Over the years, there have been many uses for streaming.

While it started out being through radio stations, concerts and videos, it's also used for corporate purposes, for example a presentation about a new product.

More and more platforms are entering this type of model to offer a wide variety of films, series and documentaries, among other formats to acquire subscribers and make the most of their payment plans.

In fact, Netflix has even managed to sneak Rome, one of its films, into the shortlist of finalists nominated for the Oscars 2019. An example that they have increasingly established themselves in the world of digital business.

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