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The standard concept is used to name what can be taken as a reference, pattern or model. For example: "The standard version of the console will go on sale with a price of 500 dollars", "Several organizations seek to develop a worldwide standard for labeling the packaging of products that are potentially contaminating", "For several months I performed a standard therapy That didn't work for me, that's why I decided to go for alternative medicine ".

It's known as standardization or normalization to the process that aims to create and apply standards that are used at a general level in a certain area. The International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) is the world body that works for the establishment of provisions designed for common and repeated use, which allows reaching a certain order that helps to solve a potential or real problem.

The ISO quality standards, to cite a case, constitute a standard that certifies the qualities of a product. When something has an ISO quality standard, buyers already have a guarantee against a certain standard reached by the item in question.

It's considered that the fact that there are quality standards or the aforementioned ISO standards bring with them a notable series of benefits:

- They increase the level of consumer satisfaction with the products they buy, for example.
- They ensure that companies maintain a greater commitment to the sector and to customers. Likewise, these companies make better use of existing resources and have the greatest involvement of workers.
- They allow companies to become much more competitive in the market thanks to meeting these standards. Furthermore, they are taking an important step towards being able to embark on exporting their products.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that the term in question is also used in the field of education. Specifically, it talks about what learning standards are. These come to be certain specifications of the evaluation criteria that, among other things, help to define the learning outcomes. That is, they come to be useful to be clear about what students should learn to do, know and understand in each of the subjects.

Precisely because of what was stated last, it's clear that standards must be assessable and must also be measurable.

Teachers are in charge of making those standards that basically come to be the existing evaluation criteria but much clearer, more concise and detailed.

The web standards, moreover, are technical specifications governing the operation of the World Wide Web. Sites, therefore, must adhere to these standards to be accessible and successfully integrate into the network.

Finally, the standard is that which represents the mean or the common: that is why it's considered as a guideline or serves as a type. In a hotel, a standard room is a room that offers the typical comforts according to the category of the establishment: bed, TV, bathroom, etc. A superior room, on the other hand, includes facilities that exceed the average (minibar or minibar, hydromassage).

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