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The word specialist is made up of the following Latin terms: "specialis" in the sense of special or differentiated and the suffix "ista" that indicates that it's a trade or profession.

A specialist is one who, within a profession, trade or art, knows a part of it in depth. This mastery of the question may have been acquired through experience and / or theoretical study. For this, deepening studies or courses may have been carried out, which grant a diploma that accredits the specialization. Examples: "I will see a specialist to solve the problem of the humidity of the walls of my house" or "I need a specialist to cure my gastric discomfort".

Sometimes it's used ironically when someone frequently does some kind of activity: "She is a specialist in spreading rumors", "I am a specialist in listening to others, they always tell me their sorrows" or "My friend is a specialist in lying nobody believes him ".

Specialization in undergraduate studies

Those who have already obtained a university degree, can aspire to a specialty by doing a postgraduate degree.

In Medicine, for example, after studying for a university degree and becoming a doctor, you can do additional studies to acquire the title of specialist, for example, in Cardiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, and so on. It consists of deepening the theory and carrying out hospital practices. In general, it's required to take an exam and pass it to obtain the title of specialist in the chosen medical branch.

In other professions there are also specialists, such as lawyers who are specialists in Criminal Law, Labor Law or Administrative Law; o Dentists, specialists in Orthodontics, inEndodontics or maxillofacial surgery, among others.

The specialty in trades

Those with trades may also specialize, such as specialist automotive mechanics or specialist wedding dress dressmakers.

In general, resorting to a specialist in the subject we need ensures a better result, even if their services are more expensive.

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