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A rule can be a norm or precept, an established mode for the execution of something, a method for performing mathematical operations, a woman's menstruation, or an instrument for measuring or drawing straight lines, among other things. The word, as such, comes from the Latin regŭla.

Rule, norm and law

In law a distinction is made between the concepts of rule, norm and law. The rule, for example, is all that precept of conduct that is established based on what it should be. It applies to specific situations.

The standard, for its part, refers to a legal provision or precept that imposes duties and confers rights, and that is established according to the use, contract or practice. It is, in hierarchical terms, above the rule and below the law.

The law, on the other hand, is the mandatory legal norm. It's of a general nature and is dictated by a legitimately constituted power that has the power to regulate the conduct of people. It's in a position superior to the norms, but inferior to the constitution.

Ruler in math

In mathematics, we call a method of doing mathematical operations a rule. In this sense, the rule establishes the sequence to be followed in the operations to arrive at the correct result. An example of a mathematical rule is, for example: the rule of three, with which we can find the solution to problems of proportionality between three or more known values ​​and one unknown.

Rule (menstruation)

With the name of rule the menstruation of the woman is known. It's the product of a natural physiological process in women of reproductive age. In this process, women expel an unfertilized egg through the vagina, which comes out as a stream of blood. The bleeding can last several days, and recurs about every 28 days.

Graduated ruler (instrument)

The graduated ruler is an instrument used to measure distances or to draw. It's usually flat and rigid. Allows you to determine the distance between two points or draw straight lines. It usually has a scale graduated in different units of length, which can be centimeters, decimeters, or millimeters. It's widely used in technical drawing.

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