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A retiree is a person who, having fulfilled his work cycle or not, stops working for a reason, naturally, of age.

The retiree is the person who, generally due to their age, stops working and complies with the work cycle established by the Government. The retirement age is set by the Government of the country, although each one can set their retirement age, based on their interests.

He must not meet the established retirement age, although he must if he wants to receive a pension. Those people who need to retire early are called early retirees.

A retiree can be a pensioner or not. The fact of being one doesn't imply collecting a pension.

Types of retirement

A retiree can be a retiree through different ways of accessing retirement. In this sense, retirement should not always be ordinary, but there are other types of retirement that occur and don't imply having a certain age.

The types of retirement that exist include the following:

- Ordinary.
- Anticipated.
- Partial.
- Old age-SOVI

All of these, regardless of the route chosen, are considered retired.

Difference between pensioner and retiree

While these are two concepts that seem to represent the same thing, they present clear differences. In other words, the fact of being retired doesn't imply being a pensioner, in the same way that being a pensioner doesn't imply being retired. Therefore, below we present the existing differences according to their definition.

The retiree is that person who, having reached a certain age, stops working to reach the end of their work cycle. This may or may not be a pensioner. On the other hand, the pensioner is the person who receives help, a pension. This also doesn't require being retired to receive a pension, since these benefits are granted for a multitude of causes.

Thus, it's necessary to distinguish the concepts well, because, as we see, they aren't the same and can give rise to confusion.

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