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Being responsible implies having the ability to fulfill specific commitments. Responsibility isn't only inherent in the professional field, for example, any worker must comply with his working day in an efficient way. In the same way, it's also a gesture of responsibility to have the ability to fulfill social commitments. It's a gesture of lack of responsibility to be late for an appointment with a friend because it's important to value the time of others.

Responsibility is a learning that any human being acquires at the level of emotional intelligence over the years. Responsibility isn't something exclusive to adults since anyone, including children, can take charge of a specific activity according to their age. For example, children can also take on the responsibility of helping out with some small chores around the house according to their age. In this way, learning responsibility is internalized through practice.

In the same way, through the duties that children perform at school they also internalize the responsibility to fulfill a specific duty. Responsibility also arises from the concept of norm. That is, any person has rights and obligations, therefore, they must also fulfill their responsibilities.

In any home it's advisable to establish rules of common coexistence with the objective that each one fulfills their responsibilities to remember that the common good is more important than the individual good.

Personal relationships also have specific responsibilities associated with them. For example, a father has responsibilities towards his son, siblings also have responsibilities to each other, the same happens in couples... In this case, responsibility shows respect for the other and love.

For example, when a son assumes the responsibility of caring for his father with Alzheimer's disease, he assumes an act of love. A duty chosen in a free way that shows that the responsibility to do good enriches the heart and adds happiness.

Being responsible is being a person of your word who has the trust and credibility of others because your words and actions are your best personal brand. For a responsible person, a promise has great value. On the contrary, a not very responsible person is one who promises things that later doesn't fulfill.

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