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Respect is called an attitude of appreciation that is maintained towards a thing or person. Thus, it's possible to speak of respect for institutions, memory, family, etc. The respect is closely linking with an attitude of gratitude to what that thing or person they represent. The respect is a quality in a person - law this makes a fair assessment of others, but sometimes it's possible to fall in an attitude of excessive weight which lacks realism.

It's important to note that this value is sometimes confused with fear. Indeed, there is a saying that states that there are two forms of respect, admiration and fear. However, respect should be taken as recognition of the value that a person or thing has regardless of whether it falls into any of the aforementioned attitudes. It's nevertheless a consideration that is very widespread and that is related to many erroneous demands with respect to others.

In the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament, reference was made to the "fear of God" as a way of referring to a respectful conduct towards the divinity. However, the term is understood in the New Testament in terms of man's extreme dependence on God, a dependence that makes all value depend on this link with God.

Nowadays, a wake -up call is often made to the youngest regarding the respect they owe to their elders. The claim is correct if it's also considered that this respect should also be given to the youngest and even the little ones, insofar as they hold an equally valid value with respect to the elderly.

The respect is manifested in gestures rather than words. Indeed, keeping respect is an attitude that is reflected in the way a person behaves towards others. It must always consider others as equals who have the same needs as us, as well as unique and specific talents. This type of attitude is far from being an idealization of others, but it's trying in the correct place that corresponds to them as people. Today, many of humanity's problems would be much easier to solve if these considerations could be taken to a greater degree of importance. It's without a doubt one of the pending tasks.

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