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The concept of report, as a derivative of the verb inform, consists of a text or a statement that describes the qualities of a fact and the events that surround it. The report, therefore, is the result or consequence of the action of informing (disseminating, posting).

For example: "Ask the accountant to give me the report of the last quarter", "The deputy will present a report on the performance of the minister", "The news will broadcast tomorrow a report of the Olympic Games".

A report is usually some type of document that presents information. Said data, on the other hand, arise from an investigative task. A scientist, to cite a case, can write a report after reaching a discovery, explaining the steps he followed and what his conclusions are about it.

Generally, the purpose of the report is obviously to inform. However, these writings can include advice or other elements that point to persuasion.

Reports, on the other hand, can be public or private depending on the disclosure objective. Regarding the report formats, they can be simple or complex according to their structure and content.

In terms of forecasting and future project implementation, it's established that what is called the final research report is essential. This, as its name suggests, collects everything that has been the research process developed as well as the results that have been obtained within it.

For this reason, it's essential that said document has a clearly defined and stipulated structure and organization, since it will depend on that document that the project is understandable, is considered appropriate, the need for it's seen and finally the green light is given to its implementation. on going.

This circumstance establishes, therefore, that every final investigation report must inevitably have a set of sections where the corresponding cover, index, introduction, summary, body of work, conclusions reached, recommendations can be found. stipulated, the annexes with additional but very important documentation and, of course, the bibliography.

Both for this type of report and for any other, a series of recommendations or advice is established in order to ensure that they meet the objectives that have been set and are as attractive as possible for the recipient. Thus, for example, it's stipulated that betting is a very good option because they contain various materials such as photographs, diagrams and data tables.

Why? Because thanks to these tools, the contents that are exposed and developed will be more easily understood. And that without forgetting another fundamental aspect: the wording must be clear, concise and orderly.

In the field of law, on the other hand, a report is a presentation that a prosecutor or a lawyer makes before the judges who are responsible for issuing the ruling of a judicial process.

Lastly, the term report may have its origin in the Latin informis. In this sense, it refers to something that doesn't have the shape or appearance that it should have due to its nature.

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