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A proletarian is any working person who is part of a group called the proletariat. That is, individuals who receive a certain income or salary from an employer in compensation for their work.

The concept of proletarian has been developing hand in hand with advances in socioeconomic study in recent centuries, although it had its beginning in the currently established meaning thanks to Marxist theory and the communist manifesto in the 19th century.

Usually, and according to communist theory, the proletarian responds to the profile of an individual worker who develops a professional work for which he is paid. By this same practice, it's financially dependent on its work against a contracting party.

The aggregation of the many proletarians of a society supposes the existence of the proletariat, the majority working class in an economy and which is understood as the working class of the country.

Characteristics of a proletarian

According to the socialist and communist theories, the proletarians share some more common points, such as:

- The proletarian is the lowest level of society from an economic point of view.
- They don't have their own means of production, so they are used by others who do. For example, bourgeois capitalists, according to communist theory.
- Their role is fundamental for the advancement of society, since they are considered as the cogs of the state machinery.
- They are located in an urban and industrial environment mainly, moving away from the countryside in response to the technological advance of the 19th century.
- As a result, they generally had lower-level educational and professional training.
- With the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, the role of the proletarian acquires a new and important meaning, thanks as indicated above to the socio-economic theses of socialist and communist tendencies.

Already in the twentieth century and with the development of new types of workers thanks to the proliferation of the service sector and the increase in the level of economic well - being and the growth of the middle classes, the concept of the proletariat has changed substantially, having to adapt to new postulates like that of the Social Democracy.

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