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The idea of performance refers to the proportion that arises between the means used to obtain something and the result that is achieved. The benefit or benefit that something or someone brings is also known as performance.

For example: "Thanks to the weather conditions and investments, the field has had a great performance this year", "The Portuguese forward lowered his performance in the last part of the game, something that cost his team the victory", " I need to install a program to help me improve the performance of my computer.

When the concept is associated with a person, performance usually refers to exhaustion, fatigue or weakness due to a lack of strength: "The Italian athlete will have to increase his performance if he wants to qualify for the Olympic Games. "

In this sports field that has been cited in the example, it's worth emphasizing that currently in various corners of the world geography there are so-called high performance centers. These are enclaves that have magnificent conditions and elite facilities to ensure that athletes prepare in the best possible way for the competitions that lie ahead.

It should be noted that the concept of performance is also linked to that of efficiency or effectiveness. Efficiency is the ability to achieve a result using the least amount of resources possible, while effectiveness is directly focused on the ability to obtain the desired effect.

If someone wants to copy (that is, reproduce) a 400-page novel and does it by hand, writing down word for word, it can be effective, since sooner or later they will probably have the book copied. But, nevertheless, it will not be efficient, since it would waste much less time than if you make photocopies or use a digitization system. In this way, you could improve your performance.

In the same way we cannot ignore the fact that there is also the term color rendering. This concept is used to try to express the capacity that a specific artificial light source can have to generate different colors, always bearing in mind, however, that the point of reference is sunlight.

Lastly, in the field of companies, the notion of performance refers to the economic benefit offered by each production unit.

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