Paper - Term Overview


The paper is a material made from bleached pulp plant and ground, which has thin sheet and is used for writing, drawing, among other uses.

Material made of vegetable paste subjected to a special process and that is presented to us in thin sheets for writing or drawing on it

Meanwhile, the aforementioned material can come either from wood, straw, among the main sources that provide it. And then, then, they are subjected to a grinding process in the first place, after which they are whitening and bleached in water, culminating in drying and hardening through different mechanisms.


The development of this material is due to the Chinese, who in the second century made it a reality based on residues such as: silk, rice straw or hemp and cotton, although the Egyptians are also considered in some way pioneers in the field also because they were responsible for the development of papyrus, an element they used to write and obtained from the stem of the plants that grew on the banks of the Nile River. Later, the knowledge was transmitted to the Arab people, who in turn they promoted it in Spain and Italy.

Making money

Another of the widespread uses of paper in our era is to make money, specifically banknotes, which represent a currency in a certain nation and which allows people to purchase goods, pay services and taxes, among other issues.

Tickets are obtained through salary, which is the payment that someone receives for contracting a work activity, or also through income, among other options.

Paper can also be used to make furniture that will later be applied in homes or offices.

Characteristics and types of papers

Currently, the market offers us a huge variety of papers, each one adjusted to a specific need of the user in question.

Mainly, the conditions that will differentiate the types of paper are: durability (ability to last for a long time), resilience (ability to recover its shape even after being modified) and stability (keep its dimensions despite the atmospheric conditions that arise).

Among the most common types of paper we can find the following: glass paper, brown paper, acid-free paper, kraft paper, liner paper, cardboard paper, vegetable parchment paper, greaseproof paper, tusue paper, permanent paper, among others.

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