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Outplacement is a support service that the company provides to workers it decides to fire. In this way, these people who lose their job are helped to reposition themselves in the job market.

In other words, the purpose of outplacement is that the employee separated from the organization can soon be reintegrated into the professional world. In this way, the consequences of dismissal are made less traumatic.

On the company's side, outplacement allows its reputation not to be diminished, for example, after a restructuring process that forces it to reduce staff.

In short, outplacement is a human resources tool that can be beneficial, both for the company and for the worker.

It should also be mentioned that outplacement, as a service, can be outsourced. In other words, a specialized company can be hired to provide this advice.

Keys to outplacement

The key points that must be evaluated in the outplacement process are the following:

- The capabilities and aptitudes of the dismissed worker must be studied. That way, you can identify which job positions are most appropriate for your profile.
- The employee must be advised on the reality of the labor market. That is, how wide is the offer in your sector. Based on this, you should honestly communicate, for example, approximately how long it will take to find a new job.
- It's important to help the worker establish future goals and a long-term plan for their professional career.
- Psychological counseling is key because the fired person can fall into depression, anxiety or suffer a low self-esteem.
- Tools must be provided to the individual so that they can reposition themselves. In this sense, it's important that you learn, for example, to design a good curriculum and to create a network of professional contacts ( networking ).

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