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In general terms, the word operation refers to the execution of the proper function that a person or, failing that, a machine, in order to carry out a task, activity or work, satisfactorily.

The operation is basically a process that is carried out or put into practice in something, in a field such as work for example, so that it unfolds the tasks for which it was devised and thought and that then the person who uses it or it put into practice, report what is known as functionality, which is, broadly speaking, that it serves you and that it rewards to whoever uses the operation in question, benefits or gains for the fact of using it, which can be materialized in a device or a sophisticated invention.

For example, the washing machine or automatic washing machine that we use repeatedly in our daily lives to wash our clothes has a complex internal operation, composed of various coupled materials that will allow it to carry out its main function, which is to wash clothes in a satisfactory and result, through its operation, functional to the needs of its users or consumers.

Now, the concept of operation, as we already pointed out at the beginning of the review, we can not only apply it in relation to a machine but we also usually apply it to individuals, when we execute our own functions and that then generate that the operation of what is done or it must be carried out correctly.

As with a machine or a person, when the operation in question doesn't meet the proposed objectives, it will be called a malfunction. In the specific case of the machine, surely, it's due to a technical fault or failure that could eventually be corrected from a change in the part that fails.

While in the case of people, when something doesn't work it's because the specific functions or roles that that person has to fulfill in the context, relationship or work that corresponds, don't turn out to be compliant or those expected of him, generating a malfunction therefore.

A relationship with a couple, for example, works because there are two parties involved, and each one is responsible for the deployment of a role and certain functions within that relationship. When either party fails to satisfactorily fulfill its role and functions, then the couple will inevitably enter a crisis, due to this malfunction.

Meanwhile, if they don't manage to reverse the situation, they will likely decide to separate, put an end to the relationship that unites them.

Normally, and before taking the resounding step of separation, the couple tries to resolve through talk, dialogue and sometimes therapy, those issues that don't work properly in the relationship. If the couple manages to regain satisfactory fulfillment of the functions assigned to each, they will surely continue with their union, but if they don't succeed, despite the effort, they will decide to separate.

The concept of operation is really broad in its application, since almost everything in life demands a functioning, couples, machines, a car, etc. Some will have a rather complex and technical operation and others simpler, and others that directly have nothing to do with the technical.

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