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Life not only has a playful part, but the maturity process implies assuming responsibilities and obligations that are inherent to living. For example, work is a commitment that any employee responsibly assumes in the performance of duty.. While children live a life far from obligations, immersed in their routine of games, adults can feel overwhelmed by the weight of obligations and occupations that are internalized by the feeling of duty. In other words, an obligation is that activity with which a person has committed herself and in the case of not being able to fulfill that obligation, she must give a concrete explanation to justify her reason. For example, in case of not being able to attend a business meeting, it's essential to inform in advance of the cause of the absence. Obligations and the ability to fulfill responsibilities show how serious a person is.

An obligation conforms to a norm, that is, to a specific moral parameter. An obligation connects with that person's values ​​and with their ethics. Every obligation is associated with the work, effort and commitment of fulfilling a purpose.

An obligation arises from freedom. In other words, a person decides that they want to assume that commitment in a free way. Any choice that is made on the path of life has added obligations. For example, motherhood poses obligations that single people don't have since caring for a child implies a gesture of maximum responsibility and love. Similarly, single people don't have the same obligations that married people have regarding their relationship.

Every human being has rights and duties, that is, obligations to comply with. Assuming a commitment implies putting duty before desire in many cases. For example, a person who gets up too early to go to work may feel lazy at that moment, however, he gives up his desire to sleep for longer to fulfill his work in a professional and responsible way. The truth is that any person feels very good about herself when she performs a duty that she has assumed in a free way.

On the other hand, people can feel somewhat uncomfortable when we make a commitment without being completely convinced.

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