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Maintenance is called the procedure by which a certain asset receives treatments so that the passage of time, use or the change of external circumstances doesn't affect it. There is a great multitude of fields in which the term can be applied, both for physical and virtual goods. Thus, it's possible to refer to the maintenance of a house, a work of art, a vehicle, a program or set of programs, a system, etc. Maintenance is usually carried out by specialists in the field.

The maintenance is especially important in the goods required for the production of comes and services. Thus, all those elements necessary as part of an economic production process will be tested regularly to reach a conclusion regarding their maintenance. Thus, for example, machinery that is necessary in a factory and on which production depends will surely have personnel who ensure its proper functioning day by day, carrying out the necessary maintenance so that this circumstance occurs regularly.

A distinction can be made between the different types of maintenance in order to give a broad picture of the possibilities that can be involved. Thus, we can refer to maintenance linked to conservation, that is, a set of activities aimed at reversing the deterioration caused by use; to preventive maintenance, which tries to avoid problems and deficiencies in the future; to a correction maintenance, when tasks are carried out that tend to repair defects and problems that have occurred in the well considered; and finally, to maintenancelinked to the update of some characteristic of the equipment (this type of procedure is typical of different types of software).

In critical areas where the equipment must always be operational, there are protocols and a high degree of sophistication with regard to maintenance tasks. This happens mainly because any failure can result in considerable economic losses, so it's preferable to assume costs of personnel dedicated especially to that task. To help to the fulfillment d these objectives can also be provided specialized software that helps technicians to perform their duties with regard to conservation. At this level of criticality, the procedure tends to follow clear and precise guidelines that tend to be improved over time to avoid leaving circumstances to chance.

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