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A day laborer is a person who works for a day and is paid at the rate of a wage.

Day laborers are characterized by working and being paid at the rate of working hours. The concept of day laborer and wage, come from the word day. The word day, in turn, is synonymous with day.

Usually, when we talk about a day laborer we are talking about a person who works in the field. That is, in the agriculture sector. However, we are facing the same case as in the temporary concept.

At a formal level, the word day laborer can be extended to all those people who work for a day and are paid at the rate of a day's wages. Now, as we have already said, its use is much more common for those workers who are dedicated to the agricultural sector.

Relationship between day laborer and seasonal worker

A day laborer and a seasonal worker are closely related. In fact, on many occasions, a person is a temporary worker and a day laborer at the same time. To make this relationship we are going to see the definition of both concepts:

- Day laborer: A day laborer is a person who works for a day and gets paid at the rate of a day's work.
- Temporary: A temporary worker is a person who is engaged in a job during a certain season of the year.

With this in mind, we can say that they are compatible but they aren't the same. In other words, a temporary worker can also be a day laborer or be paid at the rate of a monthly salary. In the same way, a day laborer can work in a job throughout the year and, therefore, not be a seasonal worker or could be a day laborer and a seasonal worker at the same time.

In addition, the day laborer stands out for not having a predetermined commitment. That is, so many days he works, so much money he receives.

Once we have seen the possible relationships, we have to say that the seasonal workers are usually dedicated to the agricultural sector and in this sector, the seasonal workers are also usually paid. It doesn't have to be this way, but it's common. However, everything will depend on the type of crop.

Another meaning of day laborer

From an even broader point of view, the word day laborer can also be used to refer to those agricultural workers who aren't in possession of land.

That is, people who are engaged in agriculture, not necessarily temporarily, but the lands they cultivate aren't their property. Therefore, these people, due to the condition of working in the fields but not owning said lands, are also known as day laborers.

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