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The Youth Care Provider provides fast and effective assistance to young people who are under threat in their development for whatever reason. Since it usually concerns young people with a problematic home situation, the Youth Care Provider focuses sparingly on improving care or upbringing by parents and supporting and advising these parents. He will try as much as possible to use the social network of the child and the parents to improve the situation of the young person. If necessary, however, he calls in help from third parties.

A Youth Care Provider examines the situation of young people and determines to what extent there's a threatening situation and / or child abuse and thus what measures must be taken to remove any threats to the development of the young person. If support in the upbringing or the involvement of the social network of the young person and his parents / carers doesn't yield sufficient results and / or the young person and his parents and carers don't cooperate, the youth care provider can switch to coercion.

By investigating and establishing a threatened development of a client or child abuse, monitoring (progress in) the situation and intervening in a timely manner, the Youth Care Provider oversees and coordinates the entire care process of his clients. He works in a multidisciplinary way and works together with local institutions and schools, but also with specific youth care agencies. If suitable help is (temporarily) not available, the Youth Care Provider offers outpatient assistance and draws up a treatment plan for this. Other tasks may include guiding the young person and parent / carer when they're admitted to an institution, initiating an investigation by the Child Care and Protection Board,

If necessary, the youth care provider makes substantive contributions to policy-making.

What are the Prospects for Youth Care Providers Career?

There's a lot of demand for Youth Care Providers and this is increasing.

There're also career opportunities. You can progress to a specialist ambulatory care provider that doesn't necessarily require additional training or courses. Only the number of years of work experience plays a role in this and paves the way to new opportunities and higher positions.

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